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The name AUDIONEERS is derived out of the words "AUDIO and ENGINEERS".

A community founded by Celjo John, aiming to provide a professional quality production session.

How do we work?

We believe a song is a piece of art and creating an art takes patience, dedication and skills.

We take limited projects so as to provide quality work to the artists with one to one sessions for composing, production and recording.

Is it a team or an individual?

The process of music making doesn't require a big team or a big studio.

It all starts with a melody!

But, the journey of a melody from a few notes to a song on spotify needs assistance from skilled audioneers for which we network with mix engineers, session artists, instrumentalists, graphic designers, video editors, photographers, videographers, architects, web developers, etc 

We collaborate with them to provide the artist with utmost quality.


But again, it all starts with a melody!

Who is the music producer at audioneers?

Celjo John.

He has been into the music production scene from the past 5 years.

Practising music from the age of 4, beginning with percussions, guitars, piano to music production.

Learning new instruments, equipping with latest technology, designing modern sounds, exploring new genres has been his way of following music.

A Platinum Producer alumni of Beat Factory, New Delhi and a Bachelor's degree holder in Architecture (B.arch). Celjo has been able to blend the love for sound and architecture through Acoustic Architecture, a concept where the theory of architecture and good ears for sound helps in building a space that justifies the true nature of sound.

So how do we begin?


Music making is an interactive experience, we recommend a meet-up session first.

If we vibe, we can start the process of making a song from scratch. We jam on a guitar/piano, take the melody to a DAW(software used for producing music), turn that piece of music into an arrangement (layout of a song) and finally mix & master (processing the sounds for a better sonic experience) it into a professional quality sound track ready to be released on digital streaming platforms

What genres do we work with?

We are mostly into electronic genres like pophip-hop, rap, trap, indie-pop, chill

But we always love to explore and experiment with other genres like folk, Indian classical, etc.

What other than production & engineering?

Our experience makes us believe that artists should invest more time on their skills than on things that are out of their domain.

 We can help you with music distribution services, profile set-up on DSP's (Digital Streaming Platforms), pitching your tracks for playlists, song release scheduling, artworks, photographs and music videos.

Whatever you need to take that big leap!

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