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Flyboy S

Delhi based Rap Artist.

Yung Sammy

Natively from Nigeria, Yung Sammy is a Hindi Rap Artist

Rohil Bhatia - rbunplugged

Delhi based Fusion Artist.

Urban Poet

Urban Poet is an indian rapper and beat-boxer hailing from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He spent a majority of his time juggling between the states of dehradun,sahranpur and delhi whilst growing up . His works reflect a dexterity and mix of cultures, slangs and lingo from the places he has lived and grown up in.

The Papori Harsh Project

The Papori Harsh Project is a fusion collective which handpicks songs from the rich Indian music heritage fused with the sounds of today.

Papori as the lead has a sound foothold in traditional learning in raagdaris. She’s a versatile performer as good in Cabarets Jass as in thumri and light classical music.

The Toll Road Band

'The Toll Road' which was previously called 'Zephyr Indie Fusion Band' is a Delhi based Bollywood Fusion Band that believes in creating music which resonates in the hearts of people. Hindi music is the soul of this band and inspires them to strike the right chord in this maze of music genres and at the same time striving to retain the aura of Indian music.


Anirban! is a singer songwriter from Delhi who loves writing songs about love, life & friendship based on his real life experiences.

music producer

Delhi based rap artist Tans3n.

Experimental rap is what makes this artist exclusive.

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